What We Do

If you're a start-up or entrepreneur, FinForum can assist you with introductions, capital raises, valuations and profile. We have our pulse fixated on the tech sector, and collectively the team brings a breadth of North American capital markets experience to the table. We are uniquely positioned to add value to help your company grow.  

Each year we host one marquee event: The Annual Spring FinForum. The Event theme is different each year and is highly coveted by presenters and guests alike, with attendance by invitation or sponsorship only. 


FinForum 2018

Stacked Experts: Individually selected, coveted innovators and ground-breaking leaders. 
Curated Audience: Intimate setting, invitation only, capped capacity. 
Connecting Capital: Financial, intellectual, and human capital.

Event Details

Stay tuned for upcoming details on FinForum 2018